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Set amid beautiful lush green scenery, Wanganui is one of the most captivating cities in New Zealand. It is also home to some very unique and quirky attractions such as the vertical bus. The Durie Hill Elevator will take you to the top of Durie Hill, and from here you can enjoy some amazing and expansive views over the city and its environs. Art lovers should make sure to pay a visit to the Sarjeant Gallery. This is one of the most historically important buildings in all of New Zealand, and inside you can see some real treasures of the 20th century art (as well as works from more modern times, and other periods). Chief among the collections of the Sarjeant Gallery are the works of Herbert Ivan Babbage, who was one of the country's most important artists. Other key sights to see in Wanganui include the Opera House, where you can catch amazing concerts any time of year and, of course, the beautiful coast line. In the summer you can swim and sunbathe on the coast to your heart's content and participate in a wide variety of water sports all year round.

When to fly to Wanganui

The months of November to February are the hottest, whilst the coldest weather occurs in June, July, and August. If you want to enjoy some summery weather, then it might be best for you to take a Christmas holiday in Wanganui. Be aware, though that most Kiwis take their main annual holidays in December or January, and flights are likely to be more expensive (and accommodation harder to come by) during these times of year. If you want to experience the city in holiday mode, then why not visit during one of the many festivals that go on throughout the year, such as the annual International Film Festival in September, or Christmas celebrations?

Getting around Wanganui

As well as the vertical bus, Wanganui has plenty of different types of horizontal transport that will take you wherever you need to go around the city. Hire a car or take a taxi for the utmost convenience. Or, hop on the city's bus network, which consists of 5 urban services, four of which operate in loops and are perfect for tours.

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