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The city has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Temperatures vary from 6 to 30 degrees during the year but seldom fall below 3 or rise above 34. The warm season in the city starts in June and ends in September, while the cold season runs from November to March. This includes rainy periods and thunderstorms. Most rain is light or moderate and occurs in December. Snow does occasionally fall in the city, mostly during winter or early spring. May to June and September to October are generally the best times to book flights to Preveza.

The spring and summer season are expensive in Greece, it is harder to find cheap flights to Preveza and the area is crowded. Visiting during winter means it will be colder with good chance of rain, but it is also the time when hotels and airlines drastically cut their rates and airlines offer special deals, making it much easier to find a cheap flight to Preveza. If you want to enjoy the city crowd-free and don't mind colder days, then autumn and winter are an ideal time to visit. For surfing holidays, visit during winter and spring. Festive holidays, school and spring holidays and special event weekends are the most expensive periods to visit Preveza.

Preveza overview

The awe-inspiring Greek city of Preveza offers adventurous travellers an exciting blend of traditional sights and sounds, scrumptious food and wine, great seafood and magnificent views over the beautiful blue ocean. Take a flight to Preveza to see the ancient ruins of Nicopolis which can be found 4 miles (7 km) to the north. Famous for its many monuments, which include, ancient Cassope, Trikastron citadel, Berenikea, it also offers the State Archeological Museum and the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Epirus.

Many visitors flock to the area to enjoy its striking coastline and azure blue waters, which are so typically Greek. The city is also known for the Aktio-Preveza Immersed Tunnel, which is the only undersea tunnel in existence in Greece.

Several churches are found in the area and make great day trips. As part of the town's defensive history, several fortresses dot the area. The Roman Odeon of Nicopolis is a fascinating area to visit with the whole family. Nature lovers will enjoy Monolithi Beach and Monolithi Forest. Wetlands, forests, sea coasts and wetlands are also represented in this unique area. Strolling down a traditional street like Seytan Pazar offers a nice glimpse of local colour and culture. Preveza is an attractive, well-maintained coastal town with an aura of peace and calm. For the outdoor enthusiast hiking, cycling, fishing, swimming, diving and sailing in Ambrakikos Bay are all popular in the area.

Getting around Preveza

Once in the city, multiple transportation options will get you around but this is also a very pleasant city to tour on foot or by bicycle.

Getting from the Airport to the City

A flight to Preveza will take you to Preveza airport (PVK) which has multiple public transportation options available to take you from the airport to the city centre. These include rental cars, taxis and city buses.

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